101 Colors and Shapes Activities (101 Activities)

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Contact Customer Services with Questions and Feedback. Images used with permission from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute www. All rights reserved. Illustrations are free for use under a CC-BY PDB helps teachers, students, and the general public explore the 3D world of proteins and nucleic acids.

Learn Basic shapes Sorting/Classifying Cups learn colors activities preschoolers kindergarten

Learning about their diverse shapes and functions helps to understand all aspects of biomedicine and agriculture, from protein synthesis to health and disease to biological energy. Why PDB? PDB builds introductory materials to help beginners get started in the subject "", as in an entry level course as well as resources for extended learning. Toggle navigation PDB Educational portal of. Molecule of the Month. Nanodiscs and HDL Nanodiscs conveniently package a small piece of membrane for experimental studies.

Style Cartoon Spheres Surface. Color Rainbow Chain Structure. Spin On Off. Browse resources by category. Health Focus: Drugs and the Brain. News and Events. Learn: Materials for Exploration. Video: What is a Protein? Paper Models Posters Videos Animations. Teach: Curricula. July SciArt Galleries.

Irving Geis was a gifted artist who helped illuminate the field of structural biology with his iconic images. The Geis Digital Archive features many of his illustrations in the context of their molecular structures. Myoglobin Fold. Hemoglobin S. DPG-Hemoglobin Complex. Cytochrome c unbound. Build a shadow puppet theatre like Inner Child Fun, this would be great for linking shadows to literacy work.

Try building people or animals with pipe cleaners, it was quite a challenge to get ours to stand up.

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Can you make one shadow twice as tall as another? The Artful Parent has some brilliant shadow sculpture s, it could be quite fun to use the same idea but make chemical structures and draw the shadows too. Childhood has some brilliant Star Wars shadow puppets. Can you experiment with shadows at different times of day? Suitable for Early Years Foundation Stage. Your email address will not be published.

Opaque materials do not let any light pass through them.

Shadow Activity Ideas Make a shadow frame using cardboard and contact paper, this is great for experimenting with different shapes and types of materials. Open coloring pages theme - Shapes Print. Circles, squares, and triangles, triangles Circles, squares, and triangles, triangles And diamonds, crescents, stars, and ovals too Circles, squares, and triangles, triangles.

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Educatall club. Exploring squares At the window Baby rattles. Autumn Stick and remove Picnics. A paper spiral Water on a tightrope Volume. The scientific method for preschoolers A needle in a balloon Invisible salt. Colourful moon sand Homemade sealer Mod Podge -Cooking required Pumpkin modeling dough baking required. Compassionate interventions for children 10 facts related to the development of gross motor skills Minor illnesses and sleep. Tips and tricks for living with ADHD 5 ways to help an anxious child 5 simple ways to intervene with a highly active child.

Things you may not know about language development. Creating a reading treasure box Alphabet books in your reading corner Reading The flea market: findings and treasures Dads and reading Reading to my doll. Home Theme and activities Shapes. Shapes Theme and activities. Construction and building blocks: Decorate the area with road signs. Not only will they add color, they have various shapes. Children can learn to name them while having fun. Use blocks shaped like cylinders, arches, etc. Blocks shaped like wooden logs. A few empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls may be used to create tunnels.

Ping-pong balls can be integrated into children's constructions. Use them to make individual crafts or a collective mural.

When to Teach What: A guide for teaching your toddler colors, shapes, letters, and more…

Cardboard shapes children can cut on the dotted lines. This theme is perfect for practicing scissor skills. Various shapes of plastic containers which can be dipped in paint and used to make prints. Stamps of all kinds. A circle, a square, four rectangles, and a triangle can be used to make a collage which looks like a funny character. Invite children to manipulate cooked spaghetti noodles to make them look like shapes. Let dry flat until the next day.

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The result will be fun shapes! Create a small model. Prepare a recipe of salt dough and use cookie cutters representing various shapes. Drawing: Coloring pages which include the shapes you wish to introduce. Bingo markers make great, inexpensive circle stamps. You can draw many characters using basic shapes such as circles and squares A chalkboard and chalk Role play: Transform your area to look like a workshop. Make your tools and workbench available. A construction worker's helmet is also perfect!

Ebook Colors And Shapes Activities Activities

If you can find plans, display them on the wall. Add lead pencils, large sheets of paper, and geometric tools The kitchen area, although more traditional, can also be used to explore shapes Manipulation: Memory game using educatall picture game or a memory game which contains cards of an untraditional shape. Modeling dough with cookie cutters. A magnetic board and magnets which look like basic shapes. If you do not have a magnetic board, a cookie sheet is perfect.

A homemade texture game: a square cut out of sandpaper, a circle made with yarn, a triangle cut out of fake fur, etc. Mosaic games Cardboard shapes for lacing. Pre-reading: Books about shapes. A poster representing shapes. Pre-writing: Dotted shapes for tracing.

Dot to dot activities which reveal different shapes. Activity sheets which involve shape recognition. Motor skills: A "Twister" game which involves shapes and colors. An obstacle course complete with obstacles of various shapes.