Advanced wireless communications : 4G technologies

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Its main features are:. One additional approach which is not initiated by operators is the usage of over-the-top content OTT services, using applications like Skype and Google Talk to provide LTE voice service. While the industry has seemingly standardized on VoLTE for the future, the demand for voice calls today has led LTE carriers to introduce circuit-switched fallback as a stopgap measure.

When placing or receiving a voice call, LTE handsets will fall back to old 2G or 3G networks for the duration of the call. For end-to-end Full-HD Voice calls to succeed, however, both the caller and recipient's handsets, as well as networks, have to support the feature. The LTE standard covers a range of many different bands, each of which is designated by both a frequency and a band number:.

Research Trends and Development on 5G Wireless Networks - Advances in Wireless Technology - NERD

As a result, phones from one country may not work in other countries. Users will need a multi-band capable phone for roaming internationally. This is less than the combined published rates, due to reduced-rate licensing agreements, such as cross-licensing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the biological concept, see Evolution and E. See also: List of LTE networks. Main article: List of LTE networks. Main article: Voice over LTE.

See also: LTE frequency bands. Retrieved December 3, Retrieved July 3, Retrieved Retrieved 18 May Retrieved 1 March Archived from the original on 12 January History of GMS: Birth of the mobile revolution. Unwired View. September 21, Archived from the original on June 10, Retrieved April 24, Android and Me. Archived from the original on CNW Group Ltd. Retrieved 9 June Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved April 11, The Asahi Shimbun. February 7, Retrieved March 24, March 26, November 3, January 14, February 16, July 16, Archived from the original on July 14, August 27, August 24, Archived from the original on September 1, Nokia Siemens Networks.

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Oct 18, The modern communication system is aimed to reach the real world one environment from virtual world via connecting resources of one with another through social network system. The communication process is aggravated various infrastructural development to reach in this current level such as 3G and 4G communication system. The term 4G is used by several types of broadband wireless access communication systems, not only cellular telephone systems. One of the terms used to describe 4G is MAGIC—Mobile multimedia, anytime anywhere, Global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized personal service.

As a promise for the future, 4G systems, that is, cellular broadband wireless access systems have been attracting much interest in the mobile communication arena. The 4G systems not only will support the next generation of mobile service, but also will support the fixed wireless networks. This article presents an overall vision of the 4G features, framework, and integration of mobile communication. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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Cognitive Radio in 4G/5G Wireless Communication Systems

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Report on 4g Wireless Communication 1. I express my heartfelt gratitudeto my respectedSeminar guideMr. Mayur De for his kind and inspiringadvisewhich helped me to understandthe subject and its sementicsignificance. He enrichedme with valuablesuggestions regardingmy topicand presentationissues.

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ABSTRACT:- The modern communication system is aimed to reach the real world one environment from virtual world via connecting resources of one with another through social network system. The user expectation also increased to meet their personal and social applications. The users are try to integrate the personal and social network technology with real time operations for their personal and business objectives. This paper is provides technological features of an existing 4G communication technology and its architecture to integrate the social networking process.

In order to satisfy the expectation of the users to have more advanced wireless access 3. This paper outlines the requirements for the system, technical challenges to be solved, and finally describes the activities related to the standardization of the 4G mobile communication system. The term 4G is used broadly to include several types of broadband wireless access communication systems, not only cellular telephone systems. This article presents 4. The features of 4G systems might be summarized with one word- Integration. The 4G systems are about seamlessly integrating terminals, networks, and applications to satisfy increasing user demands.

The continuous expansion of mobile communication and wireless networks shows evidence of exceptional growth in the areas of mobile subscriber, wireless network access, mobile services, and applications. An estimate of 1 billion users by the end of justifies the study and research for 4G systems. Data rate of 20mbps is employed. Frequency band is 5. It gives the ability for global roaming to access cell anywhere. What is 4G?

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What is needed to Build 4G NetworksofFuture? One of the terms used to describe 4G is MAGIC—Mobile multimedia anytime anywhere Global mobility support integrated wireless solution and customized personal service. The fourth generation of mobile networks will truly turn the current mobile phonenetworks, in to end to end IP based networks.

If 4G is implemented correctly, it will truly harmonized global roaming. With it comes challenging RF and baseband design headaches. Cellular serviceproviders areslowly beginning to deploy third-generation 3G cellular services. As access technology increases, voice, video, multimedia, and broadband data services arebecoming integrated into the samenetwork.

The hope once envisioned for 3G as a true broadband servicehas all but dwindled away. Itis apparentthat 3G systems, whilemaintaining the possible2-Mbps data rate in the standard, will realistically achieve kbps rates. To achieve the goals of true broadband cellular service, the systems haveto make the leap to a fourth-generation 4G network. The move to 4G is complicated by attempts to standardize on a single 3G protocol. Without a single standard on which to build, designers face significant additional challenges. A descendant to 2G and 3G aiming to provide the very high data transfer rates.

This technology can provide very speedywireless internet access to notonly stationary users butalso to mobile users. Since, at this point, 4G is more of an aspiration than a standard, there is not an agreement yet onwhat should constitute 4G.

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IMT-Advanced is the closest where some of the 4G requirements can be found. This potential new wireless system could bedeveloped by Its characteristics should be like high degree of commonality of design worldwide to provide backward compatibility, compatibility ofservices within IMT-Advanced and with the fixed networks, high quality, and small terminal suitable for worldwide use, worldwide roaming capability, capability to run high data rate multimedia applications within a wide range of services and terminals.

Advanced Wireless Communication

Table 1 presents a short history of mobile telephone technologies. This process began with the designs in the s that have becomeknown as 1G.

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  5. The earliest systems were implemented based on analog technology and the basic cellular structure of mobile communication. Many fundamental problems were solved by these early systems. Numerous incompatible analog systems were placed in service around the world during the s. The 2G second generation systems designed in the s were still used These2G systems provided circuit-switched data communication services at a low speed. These systems operate nationwide or internationally and are today's mainstream systems, although the data rate for users in these system is very limited.

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    During the s, two organizations worked to define the next, or 3G, mobile system, which would eliminate previous incompatibilities and become a truly global system. The 3G system would have higher quality voice channels, as well as broadband data capabilities, up to 2 Mbps. Unfortunately, the two groups could not reconcile their differences, and this decade will see the introduction of two mobile standards for 3G.

    In addition, China is on the verge of implementing a third 3G system. Edited by Theophanides Theophile. Edited by Kresimir Delac. Published: December 5th DOI: Manna Open access peer-reviewed 3. Edited Volume and chapters are indexed in. Open access peer-reviewed 1.

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