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I never guessed the murderer's identity. Monica Murphy leaves some clues just to send us on a goose chase and a dead end. I told you that Penelope was not easy to like but I loved Penelope's character development. From entitled rich girl she became more compassionate and humble.

The murders, the secrets made her realize that being at the top by crushing others was not admirable.

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Friendship and support was what mattered. Cass hotness and aloofness helped make this story even more attractive. Especially when you learn his secrets. Put a handsome guy hiding a troubled past and I will follow his every move with the utmost attention! Monica Murphy made the uneasy choice to go for flawed characters.

The girls, Cass feel real. They made and still make mistakes but it shapes their personality. They change. This is real life: no black or white characters but rather various shades of grey. So what is missing to give a higher rating? The murderer is impossible to guess based on the clues. The tension is ever present and it keeps us reading because of course we want to know who is next and who did it. This is all good but when the killer's identity was revealed it was like producing a white rabbit out of a hat.

Totally unexpected. I want to thank Entangled Publishing for its trust as I had a great time reading this mystery. Recommend it? Well, well, well. I enjoyed reading this, but I'm not sure what to say about it, so this is going to be a short review! I don't really like the cover. I think there's some meaning behind the word's special position on the cover but I'm not sure what it is. The colors are so pretty though! I've read another Monica Murphy book before, and it's a sweet, fluffy contemporary.

I kind of got scared when reading the first few chapters? At some point I even blamed the murders on Cass The Larks the popular girls in Penelope's school are so annoying. Among all of the girls, I only liked Penelope and Dani. They are described as the girls with the best grades, but that is so hard to believe because they act so stupid! The end is also kind of rushed. We were given no clues, so it's hard for us to try to solve the crime by ourselves. The story would have been better if the author left more hints and elaborated more.

View 2 comments. A Thought. Maybe I' have great expectations with this one, but the characters seemed really flat and if you already know me, you know I can't let that happen. Even so, it's entertaining and the writing style is quite good. But even so I expected something more complex here and instead I found a quite simple mystery book, nothing that I haven't read before to be honest, but it can be entertaining if you're looking for a light reading and don't want to read a simple contemporaneous, you know?

Dec 11, Mandy White rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley. Somebody is killing off the mean girls at school This was a quick and easy read.. I read half of it at the hairdressers! I could easily see this as a teen movie. Thanks to Entangled Publishing via Netgalley for a copy of this book to read and review. Dec 12, Paula Phillips rated it really liked it. I had read several romance books during the past week and felt it was time for something different and wanted a mystery novel and some murder. I had been looking forward to this book.

Pretty Dead Girls starts off with one of the popular girls Gretchen meeting someone in secret and the encounter ends up with Gretchen dead. The next day, the school are alerted, and Pe I had read several romance books during the past week and felt it was time for something different and wanted a mystery novel and some murder.

The next day, the school are alerted, and Penny who is the President of a society called The Larks made of the school's popular girls is questioned as Gretchen was one of the Larks. One down and four more to go as someone is killing off the Seniors in the group The Larks.

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At first, I thought that the killer was a guy and had one in mind, but then we have a chapter in the killer's perspective where she compared herself to Dexter by being a Female Dexter- bringing justice to all those who were ever bullied in school. I have to admit when the killer was revealed, I had a little feeling of who it was, but Pretty Dead Girls is filled with twists and turns that keep you on your toes trying to decipher who is innocent and who is not. View 1 comment. Nov 30, mith rated it did not like it Shelves: arcs , kindle-or-ebook , contemporary , school-setting , standalone.

One I don't even want to waste any more time talking or thinking about because it was wrong in all sorts of ways. Was it intentional? I don't know. Does it matter? Not really. But what is it even about? It's about the prettiest and the smartest girls in Penelope's graduating class, girls all part yeah, hey guys i wrote my review of this book which you can also read here if you'd like.

It's about the prettiest and the smartest girls in Penelope's graduating class, girls all part of some high maintenence group that basically reiterates that they are the Best and the Prettiest. It's about them being murdered because why?

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Essentially, because they're all just terrible people. I really wanted to try and like this one. But seriously. Everyone in the book was just plain old terrible. I can't think of a single redeeming characteristic for any of them. You know those mean girl turnaround stories? I was kind of hoping this book would be one of those but nooooo. Because I don't really know where to start, expect this review to be sort of everywhere and messy. And in list form! First up: the main character I think her name is Penelope and I think she hates being called Penny but who cares.

She's a hypocritical character who is The Worst. She slut shames people who she refers to as friends. She constantly belittles them behind their back, criticising them because of either who they hook up with or whatever action they do. Lemme tell you, that shit gets tiring quick. I have no patience for characters like these--who think, unwittingly or not, that they're above others because of their the "friends", in this case actions.

Not only that, but jesus, Penny here was so incredibly nosy. From wanting to see how a party that shouldn't have happened play out, to the life of her love interest. She wanted to know everything about him, including his hookups and whatnot, which just? You have to understand that they're just getting to know each other in this book. And, okay yeah, the circumstances are incredibly weird I guess I'm using that word to define murdered students!

She couldn't let anything rest. Two: literally nothing about handling grief I get that this is a mystery, whodunnit, kind of novel. I get it! But it also takes place in high school, and the girls murdered are also girls Penelope considered friends. Friends, being, "oh we knew each other for so long but god, she could be so horrible!

In any case, it wasn't really handled well. There are a few of those school gatherings for the girls, but there's also a fucking party being thrown? You do you, though. If that's going to help you feel a bit better, that's fine, I'm in no position to judge. But none of the characters are really shown as upset by these deaths as they say.

Everyone is a garbage person There's probably one or two characters in this entire book that are decent and they get a total of one-fourth of a page of action. Everyone else? Absolutely horrible. The girls are all epitomes of mean girls. There's constant talk of how one girl stole this other girl's man, hooking up and the occasional cheating, snarky remarks behind each other's backs, and moooooore. It sounds like a bad infomercial when you think about it.

I don't want to buy what you're selling. Most of them end up dead, of course, and as the reader, trust me, you'll literally feel nothing. Everyone says they're friends with each other but you hardly: a see Penelope even being a best friend to hers, and b say a nice thing to each other. Everything is so catty and horrible.

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The love interest??? I didn't get it. If you ask me, this book might have been better without the introduction of one. The guy, whose name I have conveniently forgotten, is the boy that sits next to Pen in some science class. They've literally never talked but after the murder, suddenly they do. Their eyes meet across the room where the principal is talking about a dead student and grief counsellors. He sends her texts and snapchats from an unknown number, saying he has info on a girl who may or may not be a suspect--because of course! Go to some girl you like instead of the police!

Anyway, he even decides to threaten her if she talks about their meeting--which, by the way, he called for, so okay!! But wait! There's more. I told you this was like a bad infomercial. Okay, no but seriously. This guy is incredibly suspicious and yet Penelope still follows him around. Because he's cute? Because he gets her? He has a strange background that both involves the dead girls and the girl that's alive that Penelope suspects. Girls are dead, and that is what's important!

There's this one scene where they're headed to a party that, a should not be happening; b said they weren't going to but now are and also lying about not going; and c they're both idiots where he's all like "LET ME DRIVE" and she's like "Why? I don't know!! I really have no answer. I hate this book. The mystery I wanted to add AKA the thing that's supposed to be the plot but somehow got buried underneath all of that mess. I'm bad at guessing who did the killings, so to be honest, I read the ending before I really got into the book.

Sue me. When I went back to the beginning, I guess?? In any case, it's not even about who killed the girls. The mystery itself is just It fell flat and you're never going to feel in suspense.

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Unlike those books, however, this murderer is horrible and not just because she's killing people. But that is bad so don't get me wrong or anything , and shames the girls they've killed because of those reasons I mentioned before. The ending Horrible. Cut and dry. Easily wrapped up. As I understand it, this book was inspired by Scream Queens, a show that I have never scene. So if it has parallels?

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I wouldn't know. Dec 29, Richelle Robinson rated it really liked it. It was well written, fast paced and kept me on my toes. I have to give the author points for catching me off guard with the killer. Murphy did a good job painting others as the potential suspects but as a horror movie fan, I had a feeling they were innocent.

I would have liked to see what happened a few months down the road with the surviving characters. Overall, I was very impressed with this new to me author that is Monica Murphy. I will be sure to check out more books by this author. Life is short. I need to make the most of it. And being a total bitch is not the way to go. Well, that pretty much sums up the entire book and I hate to say that I was extremely disappointed in it.

However, it just had so many issues that it was hard to enjoy. So the main gist of the story: popular girls who are all part of the same sorority type club are getting murdered. Our MC, Penelope, starts to believe Life is short. Our MC, Penelope, starts to believe she's next and tries to solve the murders herself - by suspecting everyone around her. Along the way she teams up with the resident outcast bad boy who, as it turns out, has a history with every single girl that was killed.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn So characters. Let's start with Penelope: And if one calls the other a whore, then they're all whores together. You know what I mean? But I'm not one to slut shame so How many guys is Court trying to go through by the time we graduate? And this was the girl we were supposed to root for. She was spoiled and conceited and obsessed with being the perfect girl but then liked to pretend she didn't understand why guys liked her.

I kind of wished the killer had killed her. That would have been the perfect plot twist. Then there's resident bad boy Cass. Seemed like someone wanted a Dean Winchester type for high school but instead we just got moody and dysfunctional Cass. I know he said he was in therapy, but maybe he should up the sessions. All of the other girls. Yes, I'm lumping them together because you literally couldn't tell any of them apart.

They were all the same vapid, shallow mean girls who "ruled the school". I didn't care when any of them died. Oh I'm sorry, were we supposed to take them seriously? Because they seemed like high school boys who got picked last for dodgeball. They were childish, inappropriate and unprofessional. Then there was the writing. This wasn't my first book from Murphy and I remember liking her work. So I was super excited to pick this one up. But I felt that the writing just wasn't there. Maybe because I'm obsessed with true crime and watch all of the tv shows and listen to podcasts, etc.

But I figured out the murderer very early on and was just wondering how this was going to play out. And I was underwhelmed. And I don't mean the same thing was mentioned in different chapters, no, this was like within the same conversation. It just didn't flow and feel like natural interactions between people.

Dec 19, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , , suspense , monica-murphy , january ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy is a scintillating addictive young adult suspense mystery. In this case of whodunit, Murphy engages her readers to be swept away in a story line where young girls from an affluent town are murdered. Throughout the story, characters are introduced and let me just say these characters are the very quintessential stereotype of mean girls.

In this book, everyone is pretty much a suspect. Since this is prett ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy is a scintillating addictive young adult suspense mystery.

All The Pretty Dead Girls

So if you are looking for engaging and slightly obsessive read, then I highly suggest you to read this book as it was well written and will keep you guessing as to who is the killer. Monica Murphy Nov 21, D. Pretty Dead Girls is a little different to her usual books, but I still loved every minute of it.

It has typical teen drama, but with the twist of murder. Some characters you will love, some you will hate and others take a little time to workout. Penelope is our leading lady. She's popular, a cheerleader and president of the Larks. Michelle is probably not a witch, though she did belong to a witchcraft club in the… More about Michelle Krys.

Translation: I read it in one sitting and recommend it to all. Dead Girls Society is about a girl who starts out playing what she thinks is a game, but soon the promise of a prize is replaced with the fight to survive. Where did the idea for this story come from?

The creative process is so varied for me. Dead Girls Society was the latter. Hope suffers from cystic fibrosis. What inspired you to tell her story? I really wanted to explore what it would be like to be a normal teenager in a lot of ways, experiencing all the normal teenager things, like love and angst and a desire to push boundaries and rebel, while also living with an incurable illness that really limits your experiences.

All in the scope of a fun mystery thriller! How did you research cystic fibrosis? As a young nurse, I had the privilege of working with a few patients living with cystic fibrosis. That experience definitely helped shape my knowledge of the disease. Of course, I also did a boatload of online research, abused my medical texts, and cornered the professionals I work with to ask them questions. What made you decide to set the book in New Orleans? I remember walking from the apartment some friends and I were renting in the French Quarter to the hotel where the convention was being held and being totally blown away by the Gothic, otherworldly feel of the city. I just knew it would be the perfect setting for this book. What was your favorite scene to write in Dead Girls Society? Definitely the charity event. As someone who grew up poor, writing this scene was a lot of escapist fun. I could easily imagine the excitement and thrill of being invited to a fancy, exclusive event with the most popular boy in school, getting ready with the girls, wearing clothes and jewelry I could have never worn otherwise, and of course, sexy times with a forbidden lover.

Dead Girls Society features a rich cast of characters from diverse backgrounds. Which of the girls do you identify most with? By creating Collectibles , you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets. You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.

Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace. We build virtual worlds. You're about to delete the following post: This post was originally posted via chat:. All the Pretty Dead Girls Take a step into a haunted school where mysterious murders are taking place. Home Places OOC. Introduction All the Pretty Dead Girls College just started and a freshman girl is killed right in front of the gates of the school on her way back onto campus.

Another student begins to have dreams about the girl's death before and after the murder had happened. In one of the windows of one of the dormitories, there happens to be strange screams coming from the room that many students have heard and a girl's face can be seen through the window, looking like she is screaming. Though not all of the students can hear and see the spirit s and the room is empty.

What happens when the student with the dreams find out that her mother was killed by the same man who has been killing other girls on campus and he has now been waiting for the perfect time to kill her as well? Toggle Rules The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like! Taking place in Westminister College, New York our primary setting None. There have not been any posts in this roleplay.