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Set AWS security automation in motion with these practices Enterprises need to continuously improve their cloud security posture. Zenoss automates transition to cloud-based IT monitoring In an effort to improve the user experience while transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based monitoring, Zenoss has added new How to modernize apps as part of the cloud migration process Take stock of your applications and modernize them where appropriate as part of a cloud migration. The Server Side. Event Grid is an event routing service.

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Asynchronous communication using a message broker provides a number of advantages over making direct, synchronous calls to backend services:. Event Grid enables the various components in the system to react to events as they happen, rather than relying on polling or scheduled tasks.

Architectures for Enterprise Integration | Peter Bernus | Springer

As with a message queue, it helps decouple applications and services. An application or service can publish events, and any interested subscribers will be notified. New subscribers can be added without updating the sender. Many Azure services support sending events to Event Grid.

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For example, a logic app can listen for an event when new files are added to a blob store. This pattern enables reactive workflows, where uploading a file or putting a message on a queue kicks off a series of processes. The processes might be executed in parallel or in a specific sequence. The recommendations described in Basic enterprise integration apply to this architecture. The following recommendations also apply:. Service Bus has two delivery modes, pull or push. In the pull model, the receiver continuously polls for new messages. Polling can be inefficient, especially if you have many queues that each receive a few messages, or if there a lot of time between messages.

In the push model, Service Bus sends an event through Event Grid when there are new messages. The receiver subscribes to the event. When the event is triggered, the receiver pulls the next batch of messages from Service Bus. When you create a logic app to consume Service Bus messages, we recommend using the push model with Event Grid integration.

It's often more cost efficient, because the logic app doesn't need to poll Service Bus. Use PeekLock for accessing a group of messages.

When you use PeekLock, the logic app can perform steps to validate each message before completing or abandoning the message. This approach protects against accidental message loss. When an Event Grid trigger fires, it means at least one event happened.