Bottom-line Training: Performance-based Results

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However, after the first day, I became used to the route. Then I hit a roadblock as I walked to the meeting room the second day. The hotel employees had blocked part of my route so they could fix an electrical issue.

I was asked to take a different route to my meeting room. The new route was twice as complicated and I encountered several wrong routes before I finally found my meeting room. This experience reminded me of a person trying to achieve a goal, but needing some leadership and direction to navigate through obstacles and complications in order to accomplish the goal. A well set goal is a stretch and challenge for the person. In addition to that, most people have to change the way they originally envisioned accomplishing the goal.

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An even bigger issue, in many organizations, begins before that. In reference to my personal example, managers and leaders can often become the roadblock to goals for two reasons. Defining the Supply Chain goals clearly and concisely will allow employees and the management to take advantage of existing and future opportunities for improvement.

Training employees to handle new technologies makes the training and development program more efficient.

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With the influx of millennials, the emergence of technology has created a large impact on the corporate world. Technology has drastically changed the way companies manage their supply chains.

How can you connect change management to the bottom line?

Not only does technology help companies improve transparency of the distribution network through social media but it also provides additional control over the freight management strategies and improves efficiency. In , plus thought leaders and partners that participated in the US Roadmap for Material Handling and Logistic survey predicted that traditional Supply Chain models will undergo dramatic transformational change due to technological innovation and changes in customer demand between and Technology is giving businesses the ability to boost communication and coordination of purchases.

If applied efficiently, it has the capacity to increase revenue and significantly reduce costs. Companies have already gone a long way as far as implementing new technologies is concerned but there is more to go.

Learning Trends Report | Bottom-Line Performance

Emerging technologies such as 3D printing, drones predictive analytics, robotics and automation, cloud computing and storage are going to cause a great impact on supply chains too. Improving, streamlining and optimizing the supply chain can lead to cost reduction. A good training and development program can lead to a significant cost reduction in terms of managing inventory, transportation, storage costs etc… A training program help employees to be more engaged and productive. Investigating the cost of serving customers is one way to understand how Supply Chain costs affect business success.

There is fine line between appropriate and excessive supply chain cost-cutting. While training, the main focus should be stressed on the importance of trimming away processes and activities which add no value. Some areas which staffs need to look closely to eliminate poorly managed supply chain expenditure are excessive transportation costs, procurement costs, inventory and storage costs and poor forecast accuracy.

Training and the Bottom Line

If employees are properly trained about these factors, the supply chain is likely to function with much success rate. Customer service and most importantly customer satisfaction are among the most important factors which determine revenue growth in a business. The customer should be the primary focus when considering a supply chain strategy, network design and performance management. Proper training should be provided to employees so that they can maintain a good relationship with customers.

This will allow trainees to connect the desired training outcomes to their own environment and goals and their management.

See a Problem?

When adults are trained, they must be given opportunities to self-reflect and internalise the things they have learnt. Tip: When delivery remote or online training, consider technology that allows side-by-side or picture-in-picture to actually show the trainer as well as the training content. Attention spans are continually diminishing and therefore any training should be developed with this in mind. This shift could be to the next subject, or simply something to divert attention before getting back to the previous subject. Regularly checking in with the trainees and summarising the recent content is a great way to keep the attention of trainees. This also allows them to internalise the content they have just learnt.