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The DSP plays a key role in mobile heterogeneous computing. New applications offer breakthrough experiences and increase our engagement with our mobile devices.

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Many of these experiences—such as sound and image enhancements as well as advanced camera and sensor capabilities—include signal-processing tasks that the DSP excels in executing at low power. And saving power not only extends the battery life of the mobile device, it also keeps your phone cooler and provides a better user experience.

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As a result of the architectural decisions, DSPs have two key attributes:. Because of its unique architecture, the DSP has different strengths, which allow it to excel at different tasks. Many of these vision tasks run at higher performance and lower power on a DSP compared to running on a single-core or quad-core CPU, as seen in the following charts. Not all DSPs are created equal. This allows Qualcomm Technologies to:. The Hexagon DSP enables rich user experiences. The Hexagon DSP started as a processing engine primarily used for voice and simple audio playback.

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This book addresses the gap between DSP algorithm design and implementation. It uses an approach to DSP architecture design that merges algorithm and system specifications with the intrinsic computational capability of the underlying technology.

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  4. The material includes detailed treatment of DSP implementation with arithmetic, micro-architecture, and circuit-level techniques mapped in energy-area-performance space that serves as a tool for comparing multiple architectural realizations. This vertical integration approach will be the key differentiating factor of this book. Another key difference is that has been accomplished via close interaction and collaboration with leading industrial researchers in this area.

    So the book brings in commercial perspectives and addresses the learning objectives of working professionals. Many examples are presented using Synplify DSP tools. The book covers the fundamentals of development of various DSP hardware platforms; provides scientific treatment of architecture optimization using integer linear programming; analyzes current radio systems; and also includes a discussion about emerging problems related to parallel data processing in applications such as MIMO communications and neuroscience.

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    What’s So Special about the Digital Signal Processor?

    Hardware Designer. Useful Design Techniques and Information To achieve the most optimal and efficient usage of the DSP48 slices within Xilinx FPGAs, the following information and techniques should be reviewed and utilized where possible. Floating Point to Fixed Point. Software Developer. Application Profiling for Acceleration SDSoC provides the ability to profile a given application and allows for the creation of hardware accelerators to run more efficiently in the Programmable Logic PL , where the flexibility and parallelism of the FPGA are leveraged to provide large performance improvements.

    Table of Contents: DSP Architecture Design Essentials

    Xilinx Data-type Support Xilinx has very flexible data-type support in their devices. Converting to a fixed point solution where possible will bring large benefits: Fewer FPGA resources Lower power Lower cost For more details on the benefits of converting from floating point to fixed point data types, please read WP System Architect.

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    OpenCV libraries Deep learning inference framework supporting Caffe Design examples such as optical flow, stereo vision and CNN-based scene segmentation.