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Underneath its dominant earthy flavors hides a subtle citrus , candy-like aroma. This hybrid produces large, heavy buds that flower in 8 to 9 weeks indoors while outdoor plants are ready for harvest during the September-October transition. I enjoy it pretty much any time.

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The anemone is sun dried, powdered and put into drinking water, beverages and alcoholic drinks. Photograph Info. Posted by fishx6 August 04, at am. Posted by Prof. Ramasmay Santhanam July 29, at pm - 1 person found this useful. Posted by blue88 September 24, at pm - 1 person found this useful.

Hell's Fire

The smell is so profoundly thick and dank it fringed on being classified as a cheese like odor. Close, but not cheese exactly. I believe the false flags are triggered by the prominence of wet and musky woodiness that courses throughout this bud. A pleasant spin on a piece of sweet rotting wood.

The rawness of earth echoes through your senses. After burrowing through the thick woodland precursor, a glimmer of sweetness is revealed. There is one constant though, a light sweet trickle of myrcene. Whether you are chasing the cheesier notes or the shocking tart funk, you will be met with measurable force.

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The elusive myrcene-like flavor reveals to be similar to a berry or a grape, but it is too flat and basic to be them exactly. I would be interested to see what others found in the smell of this flower, because I am challenged by the constant curving by the skunkier notes. Paul Wall needs to check out these buds because they shine harder than any of his grillz. The foliage, for the most part, is prisoner under a resin driven avalanche. Every bud itself is immaculate, but hilariously the jar seems divide into two phenotypes.

One race bares beautiful wine colored leaves that gradually lightens creating a mauve sunset across a leafy canopy. These buds also seem to be shorter and more stout.

The other brother is taller, skinny, and a radioactive flora. I am positively enchanted by the purple hues that dominate the nug.


This flower has been very dishonest so far. With such an intimidating name, it seems to be friendly and terpy.

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Where is the ashy fire scorching my face?! Perhaps it will be revealed in the smoke. Seems logical. I let the clipper rip away at the verdant flesh as my lungs accept their new occupant.

Glass House Farms - Hell's Fire - Indica Dominant Hybrid - 1/8th - 24%

I take in a pungent earthy breath soaked with the rewarding artificial sweetness of candy. Each hit is full bodied and soft, the smoke is like wriggling your tongue through a hashy feather pillow. I slowly lower my guard to see that there was no gargantuan devil at my door, but a cuddly kitten. You have to smoke more than a couple bowls to have a chance at understanding the flavor in this sublime flower.