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MacDowell D. The Law in Classical Athens. Martin G. Divine Talk. Religious Argumentation in Demosthenes. Marzi M. Oratori attici minori Vol. Meiggs R. Mikalson J. Athenian Popular Religion.

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Chapel Hill. Mitchel F. Lykourgan Athens. Lectures in Memory of Louise Taft Semple. Morgan C. Divination and Society at Delphi and Didyma. Hermathena pp. Traum und Traumdeutung im Altertum. Papazarkadas N. In: N. Papazarkadas and A. Themos eds. Sacred and Public Land in Ancient Athens. Parker R. Athenian Religion. A History. Polytheism and Society at Athens. Petrakos V. Petridou G.

Journal Collection (Part 2)

Divine Epiphany in Greek Literature and Culture. Petropoulou A. GRBS 22 pp. Petsalis-Diomidis A. In: R. Shepherd and R. Maniura eds. Platt V. Facing the Gods. Renberg G. In: G. Weber ed. Artemidor von Daldis und die antike Traumdeutung. Where Dreams May Come. Incubation Sanctuaries in the Greco-Roman World.

Rhodes P. Greek Historical Inscriptions. Rosenberger V. Divination in the Ancient World. Religious Options and the Individual. Rubinstein L. Litigation and Cooperation. Supporting Speakers in the Courts of Classical Athens. New Perspectives on Ancient Divination. In: Rosenberger ed. Scafuro A. The Crowning of Amphiaraos. In: L. Mitchell and L. Rubinstein eds. Greek History and Epigraphy. Essays in Honour of P. Rhodes Swansea pp. Sineux P.

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Stafford E. The Cult of Health in Ancient Greece. In: H. King ed. Health in Antiquity London pp. Trampedach K. Politische Mantik. Whitehead D. The Forensic Speeches. Wilding A. Aspirations and Identities. BICS 58 pp. Author: Rebecca Van Hove 1. Keywords: oracles ; incubation ; Athens ; oratory ; Greek religion ; Hyperides. Restricted Access.

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Foxhall, London: Routlede, pp. Laffineur and W. Studies Presented to J. Killen Minos , pp.

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