Life Swap: Can Changing Places, Change Their Lives?

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As part of its New Frontier showcase, the festival featured more than 30 VR experiences, including captivating cinematic works and VR installations. Meanwhile, games provide another fruitful canvas for immersive storytelling. It was built using the hyper-realistic Unreal Engine, and the engaging 3D content was made with our 3D animation software — 3ds Max and Maya. Better Buildings. The same technologies that are transforming media and entertainment are also set to make an impact on the built environment.

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As a real-time rendering engine, Stingray can also be particularly valuable in building design, helping professionals better visualize their projects, simulate their designs to suggest how they would work if they were built and operating, and present their ideas to clients. As a result, rather than looking at a building design on a 2D screen, users can walk through it as if they were there and experience the different aspects of that design in a high quality visualization. Not only does this let designers better communicate their ideas and intent to clients, it also ensures that buildings better match client expectations and requirements.

Carefully Designed Cars. A number of designers in the automotive industry still use clay modeling to help grasp what the final product will look like. But what if you could experience a new car design in full scale, rather than as a small-scale clay model?

Autodesk has done some significant exploration in this area with a product called VRED , a visualization software that helps automotive designers and engineers create product presentations, design reviews, and build virtual prototypes. If you have a clay model of a car, or maybe a fabricated foam car, you can project different materials or design configurations onto it — giving multiple people in a room the ability to look at different design options. Volvo and Volkswagen have already done some intriguing work in this area.

Thorough Training. Imagine an oilrig in the middle of the North Sea, or a construction site in the heart of the Brazilian jungle.

With VR, you can simulate these environments to familiarize workers with the sites ahead of time while providing in-depth training. The lesson of Christmas here is that Britain has snow.

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The switch-up looks to be on its last legs and needs a Christmas of its own. Topics Film Shortcuts.

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Christmas Netflix features. Reuse this content.

A minute after I squeezed into my new spot, a flight attendant came and grabbed my carry-on out of the overhead bin. I enjoyed a first-class flight home.

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Karma is real, folks". No matter how carefully I plan, micro-manage, or pre-book, shit happens sometimes literally and I have to roll with it. So when I board my first flight with an infant in December, I suspect something will come up—a mini-meltdown, say, or a need to get up and down ten times—and I'll have to rely on the kindness of strangers to endure.

In exchange, if I'm in a position to make your life a little easier while we're all trapped in this tube in the sky, I'll do so. Now, I have to be in a position to do so.

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I can't give up my bulkhead seat with the infant bassinet because you have long legs. That's where I draw the line. Kindness can come with terms, can't it? And maybe that person was looking for the aisle seat when you have their coveted window seat. I rarely do ask, but tend to make the leap on long-haul and red-eye flights, where a window helps me sleep better and generally feel more comfortable. I always ask someone a few aisles back, as I feel like they also get an advantage in moving up, so win-win.

No one has said no yet.