Nuclear Physics

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Specify a timezone. Content of the activity In order to give to the activity a fully international character, and because we aim to encourage the participation of really young students, the first half day of the Summer School will be dedicated to some introductory lectures given in separated sessions in different languages. Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas on all theoretical and experimental aspects of radiation and its applications.

The main purpose of China Radiation Technology Conference is to provide a platform for radiation technology display and communication about the industry trends and regulations in China, which helps both domestic and foreign corporations show their products in China, know the technology of other regions and border their market. China Radiation Technology Conference, hosted by China Nuclear Energy Association, is a comprehensive conference of Radiation Technology industry with great scale and widely influence. Exotic Hardon Spectroscopy The workshop brings together the nuclear and particle physics communities to discuss the latest developments experimental and theoretical in exotic and conventional hadron spectroscopy.

It is the third in a series of workshops on this topic, following previous events at the University of Edinburgh. Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics.

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The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps. The event has traditionally attracted over delegates and its scope of topics includes radiation processing, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, industry diagnostic technologies, environmental analysis, isotope production and distribution, nuclear in agriculture, radiation protection, nuclear safety, security and policy. The meetings are organized every second year in the month of February in Bormio, focusing on specific topics which are relevant for the nuclear physics community and related areas.

Within the workshop, experimental and theoretical collaborations will have the opportunity to present and discuss their latest development on physics and more technical issues.

Nuclear Physics

The purpose of these topical AccApp meetings is to provide an international forum for discussing the various applications of particle accelerators. Meetings are focused on the production and utilization of accelerator-produced neutrons, photons, electrons and other particles for scientific and industrial purposes; production or destruction of radionuclides significant for energy, medicine, defense, or other endeavors; safety and security applications; medical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutic treatment.

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One of the great strengths of the AccApp meetings is the dissemination of knowledge on the diverse applications of accelerators. Particle Accelerators. Nuclear Photonics MESON is a conference series with over 25 years of history.

Conferences and Meetings on Nuclear Physics

The workshop will cover lectures on both experimental and theoretical aspects, in particular the presentation of new results. Compute properties of radiation absorption:. Compare the radiation absorption of materials:. Calculate properties of Cerenkov radiation, such as the speeds of particles and light and the Cerenkov angle. Compute characteristics of Cerenkov radiation:.

Get information about a wide variety of isotopes and their properties, such as decay modes and half life. Do computations with isotope properties:. Use carbon dating to calculate the age of samples based on the ratio of carbon remaining. Compute properties of nuclear explosions, such as cloud height, air blast radius and fireball duration.