The Origin of Humankind: Unearthing Our Family Tree (Science Masters)

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Beyond that, the Penn researchers are also using this physical evidence to substantiate specifics of the Bartram seed business. With financial support from CAAM, White radiocarbon-dated two specimens, but the results came back inconclusive.

Seven Million Years of Human Evolution

Newspaper scraps suggest an earlys timeframe based on fonts and the news of ships arriving in the Philadelphia harbor. In a broader context, why do seeds and shell casings from the s matter? White has a quick answer. They were the first, and only, to find a small tree called the Franklinia in , and every one that grows in any garden is descended from theirs. They collected and entered into the gardening world so many species that we think of as common today. White estimates she, Stein, and the Penn students have analyzed about one-tenth, maybe one-sixth of the collection.

Meet Denny, the ancient mixed-heritage mystery girl

Which also means there could be much more to learn, Fry adds. Squirrels or rats pulled this material in because they were storing it and eating it over the winter, in which case they probably only took things that are edible and good and nutritious, not tiny, dusty seeds that were not interesting to them. And it may have been over a long period of time, decades even. Everything is preserved really nicely, and you step into this other world. As part of the Research and Education in Active Coatings Technologies for the Human Habitat program, students conduct fundamental research on materials that can improve lives while engaging in international collaborations and educational activities.

For nearly two decades, a major national study of kidney disease led and coordinated at Penn has defined key risk factors in an all-too-common silent epidemic. Yoga at Trolley Portal Gardens. Maddie Hunt of United Roots Yoga leads this free outdoor yoga session.

Unearthing the Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves

A limited number of mats are available, but guests are encouraged to bring their own if possible. Stress Management. A Health Advocate expert leads this workshop on how to spot the physiological signs of stress, its sources, and techniques for managing it. Life Safety Measures. Critical Role of Public Gardens.

Scientists unearth “utterly bizarre” chimera crab fossil | Faculty of Science

Morris Arboretum Executive Director Bill Cullina delivers the Klein Endowed Lecture, discussing public gardens' relationship with research and wellness, and what role they play in providing accessibility and transcendence. Archaeobotanist Chantel White foreground , volunteer Juliet Stein, and a team from Penn have already made some fascinating discoveries from a collection found under the attic floorboard of the home of the Bartram family, some of the first and most important botanical scholars in North American history. Deriving its power from the author's unquestioned authority in the field of paleontology, and enriched by his new interest in wildlife, this book answers the question: What made humans human?

Leakey argues that when one of our hominid ancestors acquired the ability to walk upright called "bipedalism" , the evolution of modern humans became possible, perhaps even inevitable.

All other human evolutionary refinements and distinctions can be seen as related to this one dramatic step. In fascinating sections on how and why modern humans developed a social organization, culture, and personal behavior, Leakey enhances our understanding of the nature and evolutionary role of art, language, and human consciousness.

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